Laya Cornelius

Laya Cornelius, BSL Transportation Consultants
Business Analyst

Laya Cornelius has been with BSL Transportation Consultants since 2020 after previously getting to know the company during an internship.

During her bachelor’s degree in cultural studies at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, she gained first experiences in various consultancies and market research institutes. In her master studies of economic geography at the University of Hanover she deepened her academic knowledge and focused on quantitative and spatial data analysis.

Through her studies as well as her practical experience in various cities, she became increasingly interested in the design of future-oriented mobility concepts. Besides her studies, she is enthusiastic about topics such as social entrepreneurship and sustainable business.

In her free time, Laya Cornelius is mostly to be found in the boulder hall when she is not reading a good book or visiting her friends who live all over Germany.