Sebastian Hofer

Sebastian Hofer
Senior Advisor

Sebastian Hofer studied mechanical engineering with a focus on product development and fibre composite technologies at the TU Munich.

Due to his passion for bicycles, his work is all about creating a new mobility culture with a strong focus on micro-mobility. He is an inquisitive, attentive and entrepreneurial thinker with many years of professional experience as a development engineer, in strategic product management, as an innovation manager, photographer and journalist.

He is constantly searching for new and creative solutions and unusual perspectives to dissolve established concepts. For him, a constant change of perspective between the positions of customers and users is the key to a careful and targeted analysis of new situations and problems. He is driven by the conviction of creating a sustainable mobility culture.

In order to get there, he publishes his own weekly podcast called “Freifahrt” and works as a freelance innovation consultant.