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Welcome to BSL Transportation Consultants!

We are delighted to welcome you to our website. The following pages will introduce you to our company and its staff and competencies.

BSL Transportation Consultants is a management consultancy with a clear focus on the transport and logistics sectors. The city of Hamburg, where our headquarters are located, is a good example of how passenger and freight transport constitute the lifelines of modern society. We have a passion for facing the economic, technological and ecological challenges of this field of enterprise in close cooperation with our clients.

We are an independent, owner-managed company characterised by a strong sense of partnership. Our sole obligation is to our clients, and this inspires our work and dedication.

Financing public transport in Croatia: Conference lecture by BSL

Also in 2015, the Croatian association Savez za Železnicu (pro rail alliance) invited to Zagreb as part of the conference series “public passenger transport in role of regional development”. Transport companies, politics, non-governmental organisations and More

BSL carries out the „2014 Report on Combined Transport“ on behalf of the UIC

On behalf of the Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer (UIC), BSL Transportation Consultants carried out the bi-annual European survey on combined rail/ road transport for the “2014 report on combined transport”.
The report provides a More

Market Report 2013 on the German regional rail market

In corporation with the German Association of Passenger Rail Authorities (►►►BAG-SPNV) BSL Transportation Consultants have recently published the market study ‘Marktreport 2013′ on the German regional rail market and its competitive landscape in both German and English. More

Electric mobility – What is the future of local public transport?

The debate about the future of public transport is placing an increasing focus on aspects of electric mobility. The resulting strategic challenges and issues for local public transport enterprises are examined by Dr. Knut Petersen and Oliver Drümmer in their contribution to the latest edition of More

USEmobility – EU research project on mobility behaviour

What highly individual factors – apart from supply and infrastructure optimisation – influence mobility decisions by people in Europe? This extremely topical issue for passenger transport companies is being investigated by BSL Transportation Consultants together with international partners under More

How to Save Wagonload Freight

(Mathias Lahrmann, Railway Gazette International) VIABILITY – What kind of a future is there for single wagonload freight in europe – is continuing shrinkage the only option, or can optimising the system deliver a prosperous future?


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