Competency: Logistics

We develop logistic solutions according to the specific conditions of the freight market


  • Volatile market conditions in freight transport with dynamic changes and fluctuation in demand
  • Rising importance of more efficient processes by increasing cost orientation in logistics
  • Growing environmental and sustainability consciousness requires innovative solutions and technologies for logistics
  • Increasing competition on the market requires a specific strategic thrust and new approaches to cooperation
  • Needs a holistic cross-company view of the value chain

As well as similar issues in the passenger transport sector, we at BSL Transportation Consultants have the necessary experience and facilities in the field of logistics to take account of the specific framework conditions of the freight transport market. In this context we work with our clients to develop logistical solutions – and that includes topical issues such as adapting services to changes and fluctuations in demand or ensuring economically optimised processes.

One focus here is on rail freight traffic, where we analyse and optimise strategic alignment and processes with regard to both block trains and single waggon load system, and also regional structures (e.g. marshalling yards or operating concepts).

These issues are closely related to optimising container logistics, especially in rail-based seaport hinterland traffic. In this we also accompany companies and other players in the port and container logistics sector. Above and beyond the classic fields, we also assist our clients with innovative issues, such as holistic alignment of empty container logistics and the related strategic action options.