Competency: Marketing and Sales

Against the backdrop of rising financing needs, marketing becomes increasingly important


  • As an innovative growth market, the mobility industry needs new products and marketing concepts
  • Further cuts in public funding require compensation by efficient yield management
  • Digitisation leads to new requirements for selling and pricing systems, but also to new market potential
  • Consistent customer orientation in sales and communication is an increasingly crucial factor for the company’s success

In our experience, client orientation in marketing and sales is increasingly becoming a decisive factor for the economic success of transport and logistics enterprises. The challenge consists in constantly developing and implementing effective marketing and sales measures for this objective in spite of potentially scarce resources and diminishing financial contributions from the public sector.

At the same time, the mobility market is an innovative growth field from the point of view of both transport providers and the industry, and offers plenty of scope for product innovations. The expansion of customer communication and sales measures via the Internet (e.g. effective social media marketing) and via mobiles and smart phones (e.g. apps for passenger information, mobile phone ticket, QR codes) provides examples of significant potential that still remains to be leveraged in many places, especially in local passenger transport. Even small-scale measures such as targeted district and route marketing can in total exert considerable influence on customer satisfaction, frequency of use and cost-effectiveness.

To support our clients in all marketing and sales issues, our consultants not only draw on many years’ experience and inject fresh ideas, but can also make use of extensive technical and methodological know-how. Among other things this applies to design and monitoring of market research studies, which we conduct with proven cooperation partners, preparation of demand and earnings forecasts of the kind needed for tender processes in local rail transport, or moderation and control in connection with projects for implementing a new marketing strategy.