Competency: Operations

Here the focus is on the further development of transport companies in their core business


  • Ensure stable and efficiently designed processes in the fields of operations and business organisation
  • Minimise performance failures, ensure an appropriate staffing and a high level of employee satisfaction
  • At the same time, preserve the cost efficiency at the best performance quality for customers
  • Maintain the competitiveness by using continually evolving tools and techniques for data handling and process optimisation



  • Process and organisational analysis of operational divisions (like operations management, transport control centre)
  • Controlling concepts tailored to the customers’ requirements (personnel and service provision)
  • Optimisation of duty roster and rotation planning as well as personnel deployment by using customised planning and optimization tools
  • Assessment of personnel requirements and duty roster planning for driving personnel
  • Conceptual design, procurement and introduction of operational planning and controlling systems
  • HR and change management concepts customised to the operational divisions of transport operators

Operations embraces all areas in a transport enterprise which are responsible for planning and scheduling of vehicles and personnel, monitoring and control of rail and road traffic, training of operating personnel, and ensuring the safety and correctness of all workflows.
The question of whether these processes are organised in a way that is both stable and efficient has a decisive influence on costs, the quality of the service for the customer, employee satisfaction and the corporate climate. To maintain competitive strength, it is necessary to make use of constantly developing methods and instruments for data handling and optimisation. At the same time it is essential to ensure that information about the operational realities of the enterprise and the needs of its customers and employees is taken into account at all times.

BSL Transportation Consultants have many years of consulting and practical experience on all relevant operational issues. And for project work with our clients we can make use of a wide variety of planning and optimisation tools.