Competency: Strategy

Many consulting projects start with the assessment and definition of the company’s strategy


  • Technical innovations and social trends, including new forms of mobility
  • Changing market conditions such as new market entrants or macroeconomic developments
  • Tight financial situation of public budgets
  • More competition and increasingly complex interfaces between companies, customers and regional authorities
  • Anticipatory strategic focus and development of the company, always thinking one step ahead and being adequately prepared for future market requirements



  • Strategic competitive analysis and identification of market and customer potentials
  • Systematic development and assessment of strategic options
  • Preparation of strategic decisions by holistic scenario analyses
  • Implementation of management and control systems for long-term business orientation
  • Design and integration of tools to monitor the implementation and review the target achievement
  • Moderation and management of the policy development process and installation of a sustainable strategy cycle
  • KPI / benchmark analyses and target costing


Rapidly changing technical and social trends, demographic change, new forms of mobility, financial crises and their impacts, competition and increasingly complex interfaces between businesses, clients, authorities and owners are only a few of the challenges that the actors in our sector have to find fresh answers to every day.

Other important factors are steadily increasing transparency requirements for the companies and the need to review the adopted operating and strategic decisions in terms of their (lasting) effectiveness, in order to take well-timed countermeasures, if necessary.

Thus, for a successful existence, they need carefully designed, balanced, transparent and well-founded strategies towards owners, customers and market, organisation, finance management, and not least employees, as well as properly structured and intertwined control tools for a strategic (and operational) monitoring.

In the recent past, a technically biased phase has been followed by a very strong focus on legal and economic issues. However, decision makers are increasingly turning their attention once again to entrepreneurial and technical core competencies and to overall, cross-disciplinary optimisation of the system as a whole.

We at BSL Transportation Consultants support our clients in all phases of a strategic process, whether it be by developing visions for long-term orientation, identifying strategic thrusts and objectives, defining specific issues and measures, or implementing a sustainable strategic cycle. Our experience in the sector and our well-founded expert knowledge enable us to ensure that these strategies are outwardly effective and inwardly realistic and credible.