Competency: Fleet and Vehicle Management

Economic and technological know-how is the basis for our consulting services in the vehicle and infrastructure sectors


  • Fleet as central element of service provision and quality
  • Significant capital commitments in rolling stock due to high quantities and acquisition costs
  • Considerable consequential costs for vehicle maintenance due to durability of assets
  • Ensure vehicle availability and reliability while simultaneously observing expenditures and investments
  • Budget constraints vs. rising quality demands on the part of customers and politics


In the asset-intensive transport and logistics sector, the rolling stock used is of great importance for a number of reasons. Ensuring appropriate asset availability and reliability while taking due account of operating expenses and capital costs is therefore a central task of rolling stock operating companies.

In view of the framework conditions encountered in many cases today (functional obsolescence of assets, new technological developments, budget restrictions, increasing quality demands by customers and politicians etc.), these tasks represent major challenges for management.

With our national and international clients we ensure efficient and cost-effective design of strategic and operational fleet management. On the basis of our extensive experience, ranging from high-speed trains through regional to urban transport systems with “rubber-tyre or steel-tyre” vehicles, we accompany all life-cycle phases of the rolling stock (planning, operation, maintenance and replacement). We do this not only for system operators, but also for industrial partners and authorities.

We work with them to draw up specific, practical concepts for improving efficiency and reducing costs, while bearing in mind the necessary quality parameters. At the same time we assume responsibility for implementation. In this way we provide them with sound holistic support to ensure the performance and reliability of their assets in the future.