Creation of a Market Study on Combined Transport in Europe 2018

The 2018 edition of the biennial Report on Combined Transport gives a comprehensive overview on the current situation of the European combined rail/ road transport market.

Challenging analysis of market volume of combined transport in Europe

For the reports on combined transport, BSL Transportation is collecting, analysing and incorporating market volumes of combined rail/ road transport into our database since 2014. Since then, a holistic and complete record on combined transport in Europe is possible which would not be available otherwise, as the combined transport market is highly complex and decentralised. In addition, individual market segments of combined transport were also reviewed in time series which allowed a detailed analysis and evaluation of the developments up to 2017.

Apart from current developments, expected future trends in combined transport are also assessed. For example, requirements on the demand side, new technologies and market innovations are also analysed in detail.

Additional in-depth analysis of current market affairs in combined transport

The 2018 report contains an overview of the expected development of the CT wagon fleet which was constructed especially for combined transport and which is only used in this transport market segment. Apart from wagon quantities in intermodal freight transport, different wagon types and age structures were also examined based on a comprehensive market survey.

The study also focused on the analysis of market volumes and the development of more than 50 seaports in Europe and their maritime or hinterland CT. Those ports are examined more closely regarding their handling volume as well as their market shares in combined freight transport.

Overview of national plans to foster Combined Transport in Europe

In addition to market data and our detailed analysis, this report provided an overview of existing national plans to help combined transport in Europe. Apart from a list detailing all known programmes, the report also contains contact details for each funding agency.

18. March 2019