Financing public transport in Croatia: Conference lecture by BSL

Also in 2015, the Croatian association Savez za Železnicu (pro rail alliance) invited to Zagreb as part of the conference series “public passenger transport in role of regional development”. Transport companies, politics, non-governmental organisations and science discussed the development and funding possibilities of public transport system in Croatia. The role of information technology in public transportation and the increasing importance of funding opportunities of integrated public transport were the key subjects of this year’s conference.

Within this framework Georg Kayser showed funding opportunities of public transport systems by the example of German public transport. Thereby he pointed out the high financial needs as well as the financial flows of regional transport systems and presented the creation of transport associations as a German success story: Concerted traffic planning and conjoint tariff and sales systems of bus and railway companies are fundamental success factors of such associations of transport companies. The success story is rounded by fair revenue sharing and joint marketing. It is therefore seen as success factor for additional amount of traffic and significant increases of fare revenues in German public transport.

Besides SZZ inter alia representatives from the Croatian transport ministry, Croatian railways and local public transport companies from Zagreb and its surroundings participated at this year’s conference.

An extract of Georg Kayser’s speech on funding opportunities of public transport can be found and downloaded here.

30. May 2015