Benjamin Regorz

Benjamin Regorz

Benjamin Regorz joined BSL Transportation Consultants in November 2017. After completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on logistics and sales in 2007 at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), he later completed his master’s degree in global management and corporate governance with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship.

Since 2003 and already during his studies, Benjamin Regorz was engaged in the german public transport industry, including the Hamburger Hochbahn AG, and was responsible for various functions within the BeNEX Group.

As a project manager for tenders in the German regional train market, he has gained extensive and compre-hensive expertise knowledge in this area. In addition, he developed a deep understanding of marketing activities and various distribution and sales topics, e. g. in the fields of TBNE. As a director at BSL, he advises on almost all issues in the field of regional rail transport. His main areas of expertise include the support of SPNV tendering procedures, the preparation of demand and revenue forecasts as well as the area of organizational development.

Privately, Benjamin Regorz particularly appreciates traveling: city trips in European cities, skiing in the Alps and also adventure and backpacking trips to distant and sometimes remote regions inspires him.