Christina Arndt

Senior Advisor

Christina Arndt supports BSL Transportation Consultants GmbH & Co. KG as a Senior Project Manager since 2014. Due to her long-standing experience in international management she can transfer strategic considerations into practical concepts and produce noticeable and sustainable changes in close cooperation with the employees.

After her academic studies and several years of engagement in the British logistics industry, she joined Deutsche Bahn AG in 2002. In various management positions she was, amongst others, responsible for the branch structures in the nationwide sales of passenger transport as well as for sales in the B2B business of long-distance rail transportation services.

As managing director of DB subsidiaries she managed, inter alia, the strategic development and operational optimization of intermodal container traffic within the division for freight transport in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as initiatives for strategy development, change management and leadership across the entire group.

Her core areas are Strategic Realignment, Sales/ Marketing and Human Resources. She is always in search of contemporary, scientifically sound approaches that can help companies succeed in times of change, increasing competition and cost pressure by local or regional authorities. Her programme includes current methods such as Boundary Spanning Leadership (CCL) and Strategic Partnerships and Alliances (INSEAD).

Unless she is professionally committed, Christina Arndt divides her time between Hamburg and Upper Bavaria, where she lives with her husband. She loves trains as means of transport – with a good book in her hands – and she has, inter alia, travelled the Silk Road by train. Whenever possible, she is out and about in the nature, preferably in the mountains of Asia.