Holger Giesemann

Senior Advisor

Since 2010 Holger Giesemann, with his degree in Biology, has been working for BSL Transportation Consultants as a permanent freelance consultant, advising clients on all aspects of online marketing and digital communication. After starting his career as an industrial consultant for environmental protection and industrial safety, Holger Giesemann spent more than 10 years working for the Internet portal Yahoo in the field of online sales, marketing and product management, and as co-manager of an Internet agency.

One key area of his current consulting work is concerned with opportunities for targeted and situation-specific use of social media channels in conjunction with other communication measures. He also looks after the BSL Transportation website.

Holger Giesemann spends his leisure time with his family. He also enjoys books, films and music, and occasionally goes windsurfing to “blow the cobwebs away”.