Mathias Lahrmann

Managing Director

Mathias Lahrmann is co-founder and managing partner of BSL Transportation Consultants. Following initial training in the savings bank sector he studied Industrial Engineering in Kaiserslautern, with a focus on Mechanical Engineering, and spent a period at the University of Greenwich in London.

After his studies, Mathias Lahrmann worked in the Central Finance and Controlling Department of the German railways (Deutsche Bahn AG) in Frankfurt and Berlin. In 2001 he moved to Hamburg and joined BSL Management Consultants GmbH & Co. KG, where his last position was as “Prokurist” (holder of general commercial power of attorney).

In addition to his project activities in public transport Matthias Lahrmann supported numerous clients in the railway sector, both in passenger and freight transport, for which he was responsible as Competence Manager at BSL Management Consultants. In his more than 20 years’ work as management consultant, the focus was on implementing projects in the context of strategic reorientation, company transactions and cooperation processes, competitive comparisons and restructuring operations, and the optimization of business processes. In the course of these activities, Mathias Lahrmann acquired extensive experience in the management and control of projects, both for major international enterprises and in the public administration sector.

Mathias Lahrmann is married and has three daughters. Alongside his work and family, he is involved in a charitable foundation. In his leisure time he gets to know Hamburg from a different perspective – from his canoe.