Support during the Participation in Tenders in Regional Rail Transport

An increasing amount of regional rail transport services are now being tendered in Europe. BSL Transportation offers expertise for national and international transport operating companies with according tools and our longstanding knowledge in regards to the preparation and calculation of formally correct and competitive tenders. We know the viewpoint of all market participants (including transport authorities) due to numerous past projects with various actors.

Depending on the currently available experience, competencies and capacities within our client’s transport company, we complemented the bidding team. If required, we have also offered a critically assessment of finalised bids or conducted a competitive comparison in cooperation with our client.

Firstly, BSL Transportation Consultants have assessed the TOC’s current regional market environment. Here, we analysed strengths and weaknesses of our client and potential competitors and developed a possible positioning in the bidding process.

We then continued to analyse the specific requirements in regards to the tender which were then discussed with our client’s experts on site. Furthermore, our clients were supported in all areas during the bidding process. We calculated and compared services with potential competitors, e.g. personnel requirements planning, specific vehicle deployment or the overall calculation of the bid price. For some tender procedures which stipulated the assumption of revenue risks for the TOC (net contract or gross contract with incentives), we also developed demand and revenue forecasts and supported our client during the calculation of its financial effects.

BSL Transportation Consultants have coordinated and steered the tender process during numerous biddings, before ensuring that the formally complete bid was delivered on time.

Here, our clients benefitted from our longstanding, proven knowledge of Germany’s regional rail transport market, its competitors as well as BSL’s excellent understanding of the market’s players and interdependencies.


23. May 2019