BSL carries out again the bi-annual „Report on Combined Transport“ on behalf of the UIC

On behalf of the Union internationale des chemins de fer (UIC), BSL Transportation Consultants carried out again the European survey on combined rail/ road transport for the “2016 Report on Combined Transport”.

The 2016 Report provides readily usable information on the European combined rail/ road transport market, and is a report unique of its kind, a comprehensive instrument necessary for understanding the sector in terms of market structure and volumes.

In addition to the market information featured in previous editions (i.e. market structure and
general outlook) the 2016 edition of the Report includes some of the significant topics currently
under discussion in the European railway environment, such as

  • Harmonised implementation of the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) and
  • RFCs likely impact on the further development of the combined transport,
  • Spotlight analyses on the development of the hinterland market and seaport activity,
  • market technology and digitalization and
  • market development in the (Eastern) Mediterranean and Russia.

The “2016 Report on Combined Transport” can be downloaded ► here.
Please find also an article in “VerkehrsRundschau”, Version 18/2017, which contains selected content of the Report ► here.

29. June 2017