UIC and UIRR publish the “Report on Combined Transport” carried out by BSL Transportation

UIC in collaboration with the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport UIRR published the eighth bi-annual report providing a comprehensive overview of the current situation of Combined Transport in Europe in 2020.

The 2020 edition of the “Report on Combined Transport”, which was drafted by BSL Transportation Consultants compiles up-to-date information on rail/road Combined Transport volumes for the year 2019 for all market segments and gathers the market participants’ assessment on market structures and future developments. For this purpose, an additional market study on combined transport was conducted throughout Europe by BSL, in which the main stakeholders in Combined Transport were surveyed.

Amongst other topics and general market information, the report provides:

  • an overview of the increasing modal split of rail freight and Combined Transport in European freight transport,
  • the increasing volumes and market shares of the Combined Transport with a growth of more than 50% in the last decade – including detailed analyses of development in individual market segments,
  • the market structure and actors in Combined Transport operation,
  • the economic importance of the CT market with a market volume of more than EUR 6 bn, yet the current challenges,
  • market actors assessment on main challenges of future European CT market
  • a detailed overview of national CT-support programmes in Europe,
  • the expected impact of the coronavirus on transport volumes and costs as well as
  • a growth forecast for the Combined Transport volume.

In addition, a particular focus of the 2020 report lies on the presentation of regional disparities between selected regions in Europe, along with intermodal loading units (ILU), which are examined with regard to their structure and use in combined transport. Furthermore, the study gives an overview of the role of terminals in the combined transport chain, their capacities and services offered” outlines Mathias Lahrmann, Managing Director of BSL, this year’s spotlights of the Report.

This year’s edition can be found here but also on the UIC webpage.





20. November 2020